A bit about Reginald & Vex- Purveyors of Cute and Cuddly

Through a chance encounter, it was my pleasure to become acquainted with a quaint teashops’ proprietors.  One is a stodgy and proper bat from the British Isles named Reginald, who steadfastly takes his tea promptly at four o’clock without fail. The other is a lovable, but goofy fox from Scotland named Vex, whose capacity for distraction is baffling at times. Especially to Reginald, who once almost sputtered his tea across the table, catching a glimpse of Vex licking the shop window. (I think there was jam on it)

What forces of nature brought these two together from their individual wayward journeys to form a friendship is an epic tale unto itself. (at least that’s what they tell me)

Hello, my name is Andrea Davis. You can usually find me having a bit of a quiet moment at the teashop run by Reginald & Vex.  They will usually regal me with tales of their adventures and the interesting characters they have met along the way.

My own personal background is primarily from the Film & Television industry specializing in props and specialty wardrobe. I have a degree in Fashion Design and am a La Cordon Bleu trained chef  (“You cannot afford the Duck”-if you get this movie reference, brownie points).  You can find more about my Film & Television work here.

I have built sets, props, displays and made detailed wardrobe for Disney Parks, Global Effects, HMS Creative Productions, Pageant of the Masters, Paramount Parks  and the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade.  For the last few years I have also dabbled extensively in embroidery and plush patterns. First learning how to make them from some great toymakers and then creating cuddly and compelling companions for friends and clients. They are frequently stopped and asked, “Where did you get that?”

Reginald and Vex was created to share my love of Halloween, cute plush and other fiddly bits. Making fun new creations to share with everyone is another way to spread the spooky fun!

For now, take a stroll around the grounds and see what wonders are to behold and what sights lie ahead.