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Halloween is right around the corner!


Well, here it is the 14th of September.  Already, LOL.

Hope everyone is doing well. We’ve had some really smoky days out here in California. Everything is orange & ashy. We haven’t had fires near us, but friends in Northern Cali had to evacuate. (They are now safe & back home) We hope that wherever you are that you are safe.

On a more positive note, we’re getting ready for the spooky season.  I’ve already seen a ton of cute Halloween at the regular suspects (Joanns, Michaels, Target).  My husband is like, “You can only get a few things, you already have a TON of Halloween.” I was like, “Sure, but the fabric stash doesn’t count.” (Right?)

Here in L.A. we’ve been told trick or treating is not, “recommended”.  Booo!

Well my husband & I are trying to figure out how to make our yard spooky instead, so at least everyone can drive by & have some fun.  But we will have to get creative if we do want to give candy out. (No, we won’t lob candy from the roof, ala zombie hordes…hmmmmm)

The new kitties have been a handful and both are snuggle bunnies.  Both were rescued, one was found in a car engine and the other was found outside covered in fleas.  We’ve been taking pictures and I’m amazed at how tiny there were when we got them.  They are growing up fast & totally have their own personalities.  It’s nice to have cats in the house again.  Do you have pets? Do they do goofy things? I’d love to hear your stories.

Here are a few fun things that I thought I’d share with you~

Meet Magic Trixie & follow her every day adventures:

Look for the Halloween Kid to save Halloween:

Scary Godmother & Friends:

I’m planning on running a new Halloween give-a-way, so make sure you keep an eye out for that.  There are a few new characters in the shop already with more spooky cute on the way.  Each one of our characters has a story & I’m trying to figure out a way to get that on the website so you all can be properly introduced.

Want a list of Halloween themed movies/TV series? I’ll be compiling one for the next newsletter.

Stay safe & have a good week!


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