Holidays are on the Way


By Andrea

Greetings and Salutations!

Well here it is, already December 6th! Can you believe it? 🎄 ☃️  ❄️

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day.  November was a bit crazy here, so that’s why you all haven’t heard much from us. No scary virus stuff, just some health issues with the hubby and the kitties. Now that we’ve gotten past that, you’ll start seeing more cuteness up on the website.

We decided not to put up our tree this year since we didn’t want the kitties causing havoc. We’re going to ease them into strange things in the house over the next year and see how they do next time. We did put up lights and a few kitty safe decorations and I’m thinking up some new lawn decorations that we can make similar to what we did for Halloween.

Here’s a few fun links I thought I’d pass along to help with all the craziness for the last month of this year.

Like to bake? The L.A. Times Food section published some great cookie recipes today:

Victoria Magazine: Beautiful magazine featuring recipes, entertaining, travel and decorating ideas. A staple at the tea shop.

If you are like me and like to have all your project stuff organized (and hidden from the cats) this is a fun place to shop:

Looking for a safe way to clean your plush friends? Try this;

Need to get rid of weeds, but don’t want to use toxic weed killer? Read this;

As always, we love to hear from our community, so if you have any fun sites, recipes or stories you’d like to pass along drop us a line.

O.K. gang, that’s it for this news flash. I’ll be back soon with some movie/TV recommendations for the season.

Until then, keep checking our social media for updates.

Cheers!    Your friends from Reginald and Vex

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Happy September Everyone! Well here it is, the last four months of the year are starting! I hope everyone is excited for the Spooky Season like we are around here. Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, but I’m sure we’ll all be having fun that entire weekend. What do you have planned for Halloween this year? Drop us a line here or on our social media and let us know. We’ve been getting more requests for custom plush which we don’t do at this time. So in order to fill in that craving, what would you all think of a getting a quarterly subscription box with an exclusive plush not sold on the website, and a variety of related goods included? (Check out the photo at the end of this post as an example) Would this be something you’d like to get or send as a gift? Do you have any requests for items you’d like to get along with your exclusive plush? These boxes would be made in limited quantities and only available for a short time.  Let us know in the comments section, email us or drop us a line on our social media pages. We want to hear from you! Lastly, our latest plush are getting ready for their debut, but will be in limited quantities. Why is everything made in small batches you ask? Well, it’s due to the fact that I make all the plush myself, keep up the website and all the social media. Wheew! That’s a lot right there! Keeping the batches small, allows me to keep a higher level of quality & make sure they are shipped in a timely manner to get to their new homes. O.K. gang, got to get back to creating more cute, so we’ll see all

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