Meet Reginald & Vex

Welcome to Reginald and Vex, a fun place where our critters all gather to play.

Through a chance encounter, it was my pleasure to become acquainted with a quaint Tea Shops proprietors.  One is a stodgy and proper bat from the British Isles named Reginald, who steadfastly takes his tea promptly at four o’clock without fail. The other is a lovable, but goofy Fox from Scotland named Vex, whose capacity for distraction is baffling at times. Especially to Reginald, who once almost sputtered his tea across the table, catching a glimpse of Vex licking the shop window.  (I think there was jam on it)

Most of the characters you’ll meet can be found at the Tea Shop, but occasionally there will be a few visiting critters from other parts of the world. We hope you will visit us often to meet our new friends!