Meet Your Designer


Hello, my name is Andrea Davis

I decided to create Reginald and Vex because I love creating and designing all kinds of cute stuff.  From items for the little kiddos to plushies for all ages.  I hand make each product in my studio and put a lot of love into each one.  The plush are truly magical to me and I hope that you too will fall in love these little friends as much as I have.

A bit about me:  I have worked in the Film & Television industry since 1995.  I have worked on both television series and movies.  My skills range from creating/designing costumes and specialty wardrobe, building sets and displays, making props and as a food stylist.  I have also crafted numerous costumes, accessories, props and set pieces for clients. You can find more about my  work here.

You can usually find me having a bit of a quiet moment at McKinnon’s, the tea shop run by Reginald & Vex.  They will usually regal me with tales of their adventures and the interesting characters they have met along the way.

For now, take a stroll around the grounds and see what sights & delights lay ahead.