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The Last Day of 2019

Greetings Everyone!
Well here it is the last day of 2019! Can you believe it?
Hope everyone had a great Holiday and didn’t overdue it too much ?

December seemed to have flown by this year; I did my first ever local craft fair, made a lot of spooky cute critters for a wholesale account, keeping up with the social media (trust me, that’s a full time job right there), keeping all the tech up to date, making sure the sewing machines can handle the workload (they’ll be going in for some TLC this week) and planning out cute critters to share with you all. ?

I actually got to bake this month; made double chocolate chip cookies, almond pecan shortbread and oatmeal coconut cookies. And then mailed them off to my husband, so I stop getting pouty face.  He’s been working on the East Coast so we didn’t spend Christmas together this year. But I did have a Chinese food feast on Christmas night & watched ‘Abominable’ which was cute. And thankfully we have video chat on our phones which has been great.

What did you all do for the Holidays? Travel, stayed at home, worked? Drop me a line & let me know how your all doing. And you can always check in with me (and the characters from the Tea Shoppe) on the social media pages.

Happy New Year to One & All!

Andrea, Reginald, Vex & all the Tea Shoppe folk

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