Welcome to Reginald & Vex, where things are a little bit spooky, but always cute!

Through a chance encounter, it was my pleasure to become acquainted with the proprietors of a quaint tea shop called, McKinnon’s Fine Teas. One is a stodgy and proper bat from the British Isles named Reginald, who steadfastly takes his tea promptly at four o’clock without fail. The other is a lovable, but goofy fox from Scotland named Vex, whose capacity for distraction is baffling at times. Especially to Reginald, who once almost sputtered his tea across the table, catching a glimpse of Vex licking the shop window (I think there was jam on it).

Reginald & Vex love to travel far and wide. Upon returning, they will regal everyone with tales of their adventures and the interesting critters they have met along the way. It is here that you can meet the many characters that work in the Tea Shop and surrounding village and read about their stories. Take a stroll around the grounds and see what sights and delights lay ahead. 

About the Artist~ Andrea Davis


Reginald & Vex came about because I love creating lots of cute plushies and embroidered critters (and all kinds of other things). Each item is handmade right here in my Burbank studio. These creations are truly magical to me and I hope that you too will fall in love these little friends as much as I have.

My background is in the Film & Television industry where I have worked on both television series and movies. From creating/designing costumes & specialty wardrobe, building sets & displays and making props.  Additionally, I crafted numerous costumes, accessories, props and set pieces for clients who have commissioned my work.  Visit here.